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How to Make a Perfect Hookah at Home for Dense Smoke

How to Make a Perfect Hookah at Home for Dense Smoke

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Most shisha lovers who want to smoke shisha at home face a common problem. They try to pack the bowl with their favorite tobacco, cover it with foil, and add heat, but it doesn’t produce dense smoke. When you go to a hookah lounge, it tastes so flavorful, and the smoke produced is so dense. Then why doesn’t it happen when you prepare your hookah at home? In this article, we will discuss and share some interesting tips so you can make the perfect hookah that produces dense smoke.

Where Are You Going Wrong?

Generally, people stuff huge amounts of shisha into the hookah bowl, which is also known as a chillum or a hookah head. There are holes around the hookah bowl. When stuffing the bowl with tobacco, you block the holes. These pores play a crucial role in setting up the hookah. The smoke passes through these holes, so when you block these holes, you block the passage for smoke. This is the main reason why the smoke isn’t dense. 

How to Make Perfect Hookah at Home for Dense Smoke

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you set up the perfect hookah that produces huge, dense smoke clouds.

  • First of all, get everything ready, which includes hookah tobacco of your choice, your hookah set, a hookah bowl, aluminum foil, and a pin. You can also use a fork to handle the tobacco without getting your hands messy.
  • Get your base filled with enough water so around one inch of the downstem gets immersed in the water. Apart from the hookah bowl, assemble the rest of the hookah. Once done, it is time to pack the bowl correctly.
  • It is important not to dump and pat down a huge amount of tobacco into your hookah bowl. Instead, hold the bowl in one hand and sprinkle a little amount of tobacco in the bowl toward the side. Put the tobacco in such a way that the volume or quantity increases, creating holes or air pockets in between. These passages will allow the heat to pass and create dense smoke.
  • There is no need to pack more quantities right away. If you are not going to smoke much, pack the bowl halfway. You do not have to fill your hookah bowl to the top every time.
  • Do not tap the bowl or pat down the tobacco. Tapping the bowl will let the smaller particles or tobacco chunks settle down, which will end up clogging the pores, and you will not get the desired dense smoke.
  • After putting the hookah tobacco lightly in the bowl, you need to cover it with foil. If the foil you are using is thin and can tear, better use double foil. If you are using thick aluminum foil, a single layer will do fine. While you place the foil on the top of the bowl, make sure that there is no crease or fold in it. It’s better if the foil sits flat. Pinch the foil tightly around the bowl. Take a pin and poke holes in a spiral motion. It allows heat to move into the tobacco without burning it.
  • Another additional trick is to take some aluminum foil and wrap it like a wall around the bowl. It will keep the coals warmer for a longer time. The air that will go into the tobacco will be hotter than it would be without the foil wall. Crumble the lower part of the foil onto the bowl base to create a snug fit, avoiding any leaks. Now it is ready to be placed on the top of your hookah.
  • Now, you need to place some hot, lighted coals on top and pull to charge the tobacco. When you take a pull, the heat passes through the poked foil, then the tobacco, and finally into the water, where it cools down before you blow it. Generally, it will take around ten pulls for the hookah to be fully heated or charged for the session. There is a cool trick to quicken this part. Simply cover the coals with a piece of aluminum foil to trap the warmer air inside. Then take a few drags, and it is all set. Just in a few pulls, you will start blowing dense smoke clouds.

To conclude, these are some easy tricks that you can try at home while setting up your hookah and get dense smoke clouds without fail. To achieve the desired smoke output, test them out and follow the instructions shared in this article precisely, and you will surely be happy and content.

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