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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

How To Properly Setup a Hookah

How To Properly Setup a Hookah

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Almost all hookahs have similar components. Once you’ve mastered these components and how to put them together, you’ll be able to set up a hookah in under two minutes. Handmade hookahs might be hard because the couplings aren’t always right. Machine-made hookahs typically include precisely manufactured connectors and pieces that provide a secure fit. Before we get into the ideal way to set up a hookah, let’s go through the typical components and the functions they provide.

Hookah 101

Let us start from the beginning. There is the base, which is usually constructed of glass. This is the water-holding chamber. Then there’s the stem, sometimes known as the pipe. Depending on the model of your hookah, your stem may consist of a single piece or two components that must be attached. The bottom half of the stem is referred to as the down-stem. This end is inserted into or onto the base.

The stem has a number of features and ports. Depending on the model, it may have a diffuser. A diffuser, in essence, breaks the bubbles and allows for a quieter experience. Diffusers can be either fixed or detachable. The heart of the stem is the hefty part with ports. There is a hose connection. There is also a release portion with the purge valve. Some models feature multiple hose ports.

The upper half of the stem, also known as the neck or bowl stem, offers space for the tray to hold charcoals. The bowl, which stores the shisha tobacco, sits atop the stem. A hose will be included in the package or purchased separately. Most hoses include a handle and a mouthpiece.

A hookah must have three grommets. These are connectors made of rubber, metal, or plastic. The largest grommet is for the stem heart, which should be attached to the base. The remaining two grommets are for the hose port and the tip of the stem, where the bowl would be perched. Depending on the design of the connection ports, these two grommets may be the same shape and size.

Firing Up Charcoal

You can use two different sorts of charcoal setups. To cover the bowl, aluminum foil is more commonly utilized. You poke holes in the aluminum foil that has been wrapped around the bowl. To heat the shisha tobacco within the bowl, light charcoals and set them on top of the foil. A heat control device is an alternative. Aluminum foil is not required. Rather, you put the charcoals within or on top of the heat management device.

When the charcoals are well ignited and burning, lay them over foil or in a heat management device. To get started, use a lighter or a burner. Place no partially lit charcoals or ashen bits. Throughout the smoking session, you must also rotate, shift, and ash the charcoals.

How to Setup a Hookah

  •  Clean all of the hookah parts and arrange them on a table. Have everything you need on hand so you don’t have to interrupt the setup procedure, such as a lighter or burner, tongs to handle the charcoals, and a sharp tool to create holes in the foil.
  • Place the base in the center of the table. Fill it with water to the point where only an inch or so of the down stem is immersed. If the stem contains a diffuser, you may need to fill the base somewhat more.
  • Using the largest grommet, secure the down-stem to the base. Check that the seal is tight. Connect the hose to the port and blow some air to determine if everything is operating well. To test the purge valve, cover the open hole atop the stem and blow again. The ball bearing inside the valve should be moved upward, allowing air to flow freely. From the top, slide the charcoal tray down the stem.
  • Gather your shisha tobacco and fill your bowl. Wrap the bowl securely in aluminum foil. Make a few holes in the foil. A foil is not required for a heat management system. Set the charcoals on fire. Wait until they are red hot before placing them on the foil or in the heat management device. In three to four minutes, begin smoking.
  • Fill the base only halfway with water. Avoid overfilling the bowl with shisha tobacco. Use three to four regular charcoal pieces. Depending on the amount of heat produced, add or remove charcoals.

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