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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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The Benefits of Hookah Heat Management Devices

The Benefits of Hookah Heat Management Devices

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Heat management systems are an excellent investment. Although a pack of aluminum foils is less expensive than a heat management device, the latter is not a throwaway item. When you consider the ongoing cost of purchasing foils over time, the price of a heat management device is a fraction of the cost. Furthermore, there are numerous benefits to adopting heat management equipment.

The Benefits of Heat Management Devices

These devices are both washable and reusable. You do not need to bother about refilling your foil supply. These are also significantly more trustworthy than foils. The vents on the devices allow you to adjust the passage of air and consequently the burn rate of the charcoals.

Most devices are enclosed, so you don’t have to worry about loose bits of ash flying around or pieces of charcoal spilling over. The charcoals may be easily rotated and moved about to avoid blackouts and hotspots.

The charcoals are frequently put on ridges at the base of heat management equipment. This increases the distance between the pieces and the tobacco. As a result, the tobacco does not burn as quickly as it does when foils or charcoals come into touch.

Shisha tobacco flavors are enhanced by heat management devices because they provide smoother airflow and even heat distribution. Because they are shielded from wind and other external factors, the charcoals last longer.

Hookah Heat Management Device Types

The Lotus style is one of the most common. Today, there are other variations of this style accessible. The original is made up of two parts: a cylindrical base and a lid. There are slots in the base. The top of the lid can be rotated. This type is often composed of cast zinc alloy and has thick walls as well as handy features such as increasing the holes in the base. Lotus styles work well with flat charcoal. These devices require more time to warm up, but they retain heat better.

Another popular style is the razor style. This one, like the others, has a cylindrical base with slots and a lid with a rotating top for easy vent adjustment. The interior spaciousness is one advantage of this design. It works with both flats and cubes of charcoal. One flaw is the limited opening of vents. As a result, the airflow is restricted to some extent. This promotes a sluggish burn. However, because it is constructed of aluminum, the charcoals may not last as long as those found in Lotus.

Lotus’ style is nearly akin to Ignis’. The shape of the vents is what distinguishes them. Ignis has vents in the shape of fans. The latter contains vents in the shape of a lotus. Aluminum is used to make Ignis devices. Another common style is stratus. This model has additional adjustable vents on the side. The design allows for plenty of airflow, resulting in a faster burn. The charcoals may not survive long, but expect thick clouds of smoke.

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