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The Best Methods of Storing Shisha Tobacco

The Best Methods of Storing Shisha Tobacco

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Any type of tobacco will degrade over time. Generally, dried and processed tobacco doesn’t go stale like foods, but prolonged exposure to the natural elements will dry the material to varying extents, subject to the exact environmental conditions of how you keep or store it.

Compared to normal tobacco, shisha flavors are more vulnerable to ambient conditions. Hence, you can’t keep or store any shisha tobacco in a random manner. It is best to meticulously pack and store Al Fakher shisha tobacco to preserve all the essences, especially the flavors.

So, here are the best methods of storing Al Fakher shisha tobacco for different needs:  

You May Use Al Fakher Packaging for Short-Term or Temporary Storage

The premium packaging of Al Fakher offers impeccable protection to preserve shisha tobacco flavors, but the cans are no longer as effective after you open them. So, these packs are only good at keeping or storing shisha tobacco for the short term.

Suppose you open an Al Fakher pack and unseal the tobacco. The moment you unseal shisha tobacco, it starts to interact with ambient conditions, including moisture, in the form of humidity, and oxygen. Also, the various ingredients in the pack will respond to ambient temperatures.

Since you cannot reseal an Al Fakher can to make it truly airtight, it is best not to use original packaging for long term storage. Plus, the wraps inside all Al Fakher cans may get a tad messy in due course, particularly when you handle the shisha tobacco to load a bit into a hookah bowl.

Therefore, the best practice is to use Al Fakher packaging if you will keep using the same can in the days to come. If you want to keep some shisha tobacco for weeks or months, you must get another appropriate container to store.

You Need a Resealable Bag for Long-Term Storage of Shisha Tobacco

A resealable bag is the best option to store shisha for weeks, months, or longer, in some cases. You can use a ziplock bag as the storage container. If you don’t want the bag to come in contact with the resins and other ingredients in shisha tobacco, you can use the original plastic wrap.

You may also use fresh plastic wraps if the one in the Al Fakher can is too moist or stained. No matter how you approach this aspect, always try to extract as much air out of a resealable bag as you can. Don’t compress the shisha tobacco inside the bag when you press the bag along its height to squeeze air out of the opening. Then, close the bag and ensure it is properly sealed.

You can keep more than one pack of shisha tobacco inside a large ziplock bag. However, try not to open the bag frequently if you are not going to use one or two packs inside for a long time. All shisha tobacco flavors that you want to store for a long time should be separated from the ones you are likely to fetch and use routinely. Such temporary storage doesn’t require ziplock bags.

You may have a few opened Al Fakher cans because you mixed those shisha tobacco flavors to create a special concoction. You may close those cans properly and place them in a resealable bag if you want to use only one for all the packs. 

This approach keeps those flavors separated, and you can conveniently access a pack you may need. The other cans will limit those shisha tobacco flavors’ exposure to air, even if they are no longer impeccably sealed. Of course, resealable manufacturing packaging is an exception.

You Should Keep Shisha Tobacco Away From Cold, Heat, and Moisture

Last but not least, you should not keep or store shisha tobacco in a fridge or near a heat source. Don’t freeze your Al Fakher shisha flavors because the tobacco will dry out quickly. There will be no juiciness and moistness as the glycerin and molasses will degrade.

Likewise, heat can cause Al Fakher shisha tobacco to deteriorate quickly, including exposure to sunlight, be it direct or indirect. Room temperature is the best ambient condition to preserve the flavors of any shisha tobacco blend. Ambient chill and warmth may not be much of an issue, but extreme temperatures on either end will be detrimental to shisha tobacco flavor and quality.

Moisture is another issue, whether humidity or water. Keep and store Al Fakher shisha tobacco in a dry place to prevent mold growth. A reliable storage cabinet away from cold, heat, moisture, and sunlight is fine, provided you follow the other best practices I have shared in this guide.

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