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WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Top 10 Al Fakher Flavors

Top 10 Al Fakher Flavors

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Al Fakher has around 50 shisha tobacco flavors to enrich your hookah session. If you are not familiar with a lot of hookah tobacco varieties in general or Al Fakher in particular, choosing the finest flavor or any blend you may like can be a daunting challenge, and also a trial and error.

Listing the top shisha tobacco flavors of any brand is undoubtedly difficult because you will have an individual and, thus, subjective assessment of your hookah experience. Al Fakher flavors are not an exception in this regard. Still, I hope you may like most of my top 10 Al Fakher flavors. 

1. Al Fakher Apple

Apple was one of the first fruits to be used to infuse and enrich hookah tobacco. Of course, you must put aside honey and molasses that were already popular ingredients before fruit extracts and other herbs and spices found their way into the recipes of shisha flavors.

Almost every shisha tobacco manufacturer makes an apple flavor, and so does Al Fakher. But Al Fakher delivers a potent mix in each of its apple-infused shisha tobacco flavor, including the following:

  • Apple
  • Two Apples
  • Two Apples Mint

The simplest testament to the fact that the Al Fakher Apple is one of the top flavors is the reality of the variety being routinely unavailable at most stores. You should certainly try the Al Fakher Apple, or go with the Two Apples variant if you want a richer dose. The Two Apples Mint from Al Fakher is a delightful flavor for those looking for a tinge of coolness with the rich and sweet fruit.

2. Al Fakher Banana

The Al Fakher Banana flavor is for every hookah user who longs for fulsome vapors. The shisha tobacco flavor is delectably heavy due to the banana extracts, which delivers a wholesomeness that other concoctions don’t readily offer. Pleasantly, this Al Fakher flavor isn’t overwhelming.

3. Al Fakher Cappuccino

The Al Fakher Cappuccino shisha tobacco flavor will appeal to everyone who loves coffee. The clouds are rich, which make every puff deliver a strong hit. However, the tobacco is juicy enough to not make the draws rough or choking in any way. You will always have a pleasant inhalation.

4. Al Fakher Diamond Dust

The 3 of the top 10 Al Fakher flavors I have listed until now are straightforward concoctions. The Al Fakher Diamond Dust is a blend. This shisha tobacco flavor has the following ingredients:

  • Lime
  • Orange
  • Pineapple
  • Raspberry

The sparkling mix is likely to captivate you so much that you will be enticed every time you want to load your hookah bowl with some shisha tobacco. Also, this Al Fakher hookah tobacco flavor doesn’t contain nicotine, so you don’t have to worry about getting addicted.

5. Al Fakher Dream Scape

Al Fakher Dream Scape is another blended shisha tobacco flavor. The primary flavor profile is blueberry. The other ingredients are citrus and mint. The result is an enchanting mix of amazing but contrasting flavors and textures, which will deliver a scintillating session every time you try.

6. Al Fakher Grapefruit Mint

Al Fakher isn’t the first or only company to blend grapefruit and mint to make a delicious shisha tobacco flavor. However, what sets this concoction apart is the quality of the tobacco used by Al Fakher. This Al Fakher blend offers an ideal combo of single-note and dual-note shisha flavors.

7. Al Fakher Gum Cinnamon

If you are into hookah, whether or not it is Al Fakher, it is almost a given that you like either gum or cinnamon, or probably both. The Al Fakher Gum Cinnamon shisha tobacco flavor is unlikely to disappoint you if you like one or both ingredients in your hookah bowl. 

8. Al Fakher Harvest Moon

Al Fakher has dozens of single-note shisha tobacco flavors that can easily qualify to be a part of this list of top 10, but I must segregate the special ones from what a few other brands might also deliver. 

Hence, the Al Fakher Harvest Moon flavor features on this list. Al Fakher’s Harvest Moon mixes green tea with lemon and lime, an intriguingly mesmerizing mix that will most definitely refresh you whenever you need to rejuvenate with your hookah.

9. Al Fakher Magic Love

Al Fakher Magic Love is indeed an enchanting and enigmatic blend comprising the following ingredients:

  • Melon
  • Mint
  • Passion fruit
  • Spices

The mint is subtle, but the other ingredients are quite pronounced, which deliver the delectable primary and subsequent flavor profiles, ala the single, double, or mixed notes that most hookah connoisseurs look for in a blended concoction.

10. Al Fakher Strawberry Cream

Al Fakher has a few flavors blending cream and mint. Al Fakher Mint Cream is a popular flavor. However, I will peg the Al Fakher Strawberry Cream at a few notches higher than mint variants. Despite the name, this blend isn’t overly sweet. You’ll enjoy an ideal blend of berry and cream.

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