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Why Is Glycerin In Hookah Shisha?

Why Is Glycerin In Hookah Shisha?

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Hookah tobacco or shisha flavors contain a variety of components. Of course, the flavors are based on extracts. Additionally, firms may utilize chemicals to improve the color and texture of a specific hookah tobacco flavor. Some products may also contain preservatives.

Aside from flavoring additives, most shisha or hookah tobacco contains glycerin. Glycerin, along with molasses, is the most prevalent ingredient. That begs the question, why is glycerin included in hookah tobacco? Let us investigate the reasons.

Glycerin is a naturally occurring humectant.

The primary reason for glycerin-containing shisha flavors or hookah tobacco is also the most essential advantage. This benefit applies to both manufacturers and consumers.

Glycerin is a naturally occurring humectant. As a result, the material or compound retains moisture. Glycerin not only retains the moisture that is added to hookah tobacco, but it also inhibits any organic moisture that may be present in the dried and cured leaves.

You’re undoubtedly aware that tobacco leaves are dried and cured before being processed further to create the final goods, such as shisha tastes. The moisture content of dried tobacco leaves is low. As a result, manufacturers require a substance to moisten the cured leaves.
Glycerin and molasses both aid in the moistening of dried and cured tobacco leaves. Molasses, on the other hand, does not act as a humectant. As a result, the whole recipe requires an element that will keep the finished product from drying out. Glycerin, often known as glycerol, is a component.

If glycerin is not utilized in hookah tobacco, the dried product will be similar to that used in cigarettes and cigars. Those dry tobacco leaves are extremely flammable. You don’t want your hookah flavor to burn too quickly. Furthermore, flavors or extracts will not work without a humectant, or moisture retention agent.

Glycerin has no color and no odor.

The fact that glycerin is a natural humectant would have been meaningless if the vegetable extract didn’t have its own distinct color, odor, and flavor. That would have required each manufacturer to modify their methods and formulations in order to produce the popular shisha flavors or hookah tobacco.

Fortunately, glycerin is colorless and odorless. Furthermore, when utilized as an agent, glycerol or glycerin has no discernible flavor. As a result, you can prepare a recipe without worrying about how the humectant will affect the flavor, odor, and color of the product you want to make.

Glycerin Is Syrupy and As a Result Juicy

Glycerin is a sweet-tasting liquid. This texture contributes to the wet and juicy sensation of hookah tobacco. Molasses, of course, contributes to the juiciness and moistness. However, because glycerin acts as a syrupy humectant, the juiciness and moistness are preserved.

Some hookah or shisha flavors are a little sticky. This stickiness makes these items more resistant to heat. As a result, if you want a hookah tobacco flavor to be more resistant to charcoal heat, an additive like glycerin is required.

Glycerin Preserves Flavor and Texture

Most natural items are altered by exposure to air and temperature fluctuations. Consider meals, flavors, herbal extracts, and so forth. Most of these materials will not last forever if not properly conserved.

Foods get dry. Flavors lose intensity when exposed to air, humidity, and heat. Similarly, extracts lose their potency. Similarly, hookah tobacco would lose its flavor and texture if nothing kept these characteristics. Glycerin is a natural solution that can be used for this purpose.

While glycerin is not a preservative in and of itself, its humectant properties and syrupy viscosity work as a cloak for the hookah tobacco and flavor extracts in the product. As a result, you can store shisha or hookah tobacco properly for months without fear of flavor loss.

Glycerin is a useful substance.

Finally, glycerin is a substantial material. Consider the impact of a natural humectant on moisture retention. In addition, the component is syrupy, clear, and odorless. What you get is a robust structural profile that is resistant to heat and moisture loss.

These elements combine to produce the type of smoke produced by a hookah. Hookah tobacco burns like a cigarette or cigar, producing light and airy smoke. If shisha tastes are more heat resistant than necessary, the tobacco will create little smoke or mist.

As a result, a delicate balance is required between heat resistance and the tobacco leaves generating the thick smoke that everyone enjoys. In some circumstances, add seasonings, molasses, and honey to this mixture. The result is a deliciously hazy and tasty smoke.

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